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Dulang Kafe was founded in 2017 with the mission to prove that people did not need to compromise with healthy and affordable cuisine. We set our goals to expand Malaysia-wide, celebrating healthy Singaporean Malay cuisine with the touch of authentic age old Indonesian recipes and reaching your doorsteps one Dulang at a time. 

It was true when we first opened our doors in 2017, and it's just as true today. Our founders, deep-rooted in the ever-dying traditions that once served as a benchmark for our Asian society which resembles kindness, unity, and respect for one another, wanted to bring tantalizing traditional recipes into our daily lives again. Thus, serving authentic and age-old recipes on a platter also known as a ‘Dulang’ was introduced to Johoreans.

Our Managing Director, Khairul "Karl" Shafek Ibrahim better known as a Malaysian radio presenter, host, singer and actor decided to reach the doorsteps of Malaysians nationwide with our signature dulang and also provide a great business opportunity to the everyday Malaysian to be a part of our growing franchise. One that not only celebrated good food and the rich tradition but that which also brought a feeling of connection.

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To set standards and code of practice for the franchise and F&B industry where customers do not have to compromise on good and affordable meals as well as franchises can be profitable for anyone. 


It is our core belief that even in difficult circumstances, with great innovations, dedication, and transparency we are able to create amazing opportunities and make a better tomorrow. 


We welcome people of all religious groups,  backgrounds, ethnicity, languages, sexual orientation without discrimination to be part of this beautiful journey with us to the top.

From the Press


“Pertama kali makan nasi ambeng Singapura di Dulang Kafe... memang sedap, aroma ayam lemak cili api membangkitkan selera!”


Kerjasama Strategik Yang Mulia Tunku Kurhsiah Aminah Atiah & Karl Shafek Buka Peluang Francais Dulang Kafe Kepada Orang Ramai.


Dulang Kafe penuhi impian Karl Shafek


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